About Us

The History

The Shockoe “Slip” and “Bottom” areas of Richmond were once focal points of the mercantile industry. It was the center of commerce, filled with paper mills, iron works, tobacco warehouses and factories lining the streets and waterfront. Because of the canals along the James River, “The Bottom” was a center of industry and trade in Richmond and the South, and Shockoe Slip was the commercial center of Richmond.

There are 530 buildings in Shockoe Slip that represent important historic themes such as manufacturing, general business, trade, transportation and architecture. These themes are still present in Shockoe Slip and they are the foundation of Shockoe Commerce. Instead of using canals, we use the paths of the Internet to connect our customers to the products they need. We are headquartered in one of Richmond’s oldest neighborhoods, and we maintain the commercial nature of this historic location. We provide low cost and quality goods at our eCommerce sites for your convenience.

The Company

The Shockoe Commerce Group was formed in 2010 as the holding company for eBeverage Wholesale, LLC and Yoga Direct, LLC. eBeverage was created in 2008 to acquire Coffee Wholesale USA, and later organically launched Snack Warehouse and Office Saver. With the addition of companies outside of the beverage category, such as Snack Warehouse, Office Saver and now Yoga Direct, the holding company transformed to a more comprehensive platform. Shockoe Commerce Group is a portfolio company of Boxwood Capital Partners, a private equity firm based in Richmond, Virginia. Our partners and investors have significant operational, Internet, finance, technology and sales & marketing experience.

Shockoe Commerce is extremely well-positioned for continued rapid growth within its existing verticals, and more broadly within Internet, call center and distribution bases. We are always looking for new brands to add to our sites, as well as other successful businesses that we can integrate into our portfolio. If you would like additional information regarding our company or how you can establish a relationship with us, please contact us or fill out the information below.

Leadership Team:

  • CEO, Patrick Galleher

  • CFO, Bobby Morris

  • COO/CTO, Chris Deel

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