Our Philosophy

The core of our philosophy is to provide our customers access to great prices and wide selection while providing quality service. We're dedicated to making sure our customers are fully satisfied and can find what they need.

We have a loyal and growing customer base of over 100,000 fueled by the large selection of complementary verticals offered to our customers. Our success is driven by customer support and our dedication to bring them the best products at the best prices and a level of service that is second to none. All of our products are shipped directly to our customers’ home or business – what could be easier!

When we look into potential new businesses to add to our group there are several things that we look out for.

Qualities we seek for potential new business:

- Consumable Product
- Niche
- High barrier to entry
- Cross attractiveness to our customer base

New verticals we are looking to offer:

- Industrial Supplies
- Fitness and Sporting Equipment
- Food and Beverage Supplies
- Pet Supplies
- Baby Accessories

For more details on what we look for in potential investments, please visit Boxwood Capital Partners.

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